“Everything that happened before you took your very first breath plays a part 
in shaping the present, and is the starting point in creating your future…” 

These consultations are for anyone who

  • Believes they might be affected by their own conception, prenatal or birth experience
  • Was separated from their own mother and/or from their child after birth
  • Feels their relationships and family dynamics are influenced by unresolved prenatal or birth issues
  • Seeks to understand, heal and transform their own and/or their child’s birth related trauma
  • Would like to know how to consciously conceive and give their baby an optimum start in life
  • Wishes to achieve a peaceful and empowered natural birth experience

But also for anyone dealing with

    • Unexplained infertility
    • Miscarriage, previous (unresolved) abortion, loss of a child
    • Concerns or fear of giving birth or becoming a parent
    • Facing a premature or post-dates delivery
    • Facing a C-Section for a baby in a breech position
    • Depression during pregnancy or postpartum
    • Professional birth related burnout or stress and in need of support

To schedule an online consultation
Send an email including your phone number to